Lewis and Clark Elementary was featured prominently in a video posted by OSPI over the weekend about a goal by State Superintendent Chris Reykdal to offer dual language learning across the state.

LC Principal Alfonso Lopez said, "It's imperative that in today's society people need to know how to relate and work with other people. Those are some of things that we teach in a school like this."

Reykdal says the second language will be determined by local districts based on the best service of their students.

"We will be a stronger country culturally. We will be a stronger country economically when our young people are as global in the way they see the world as their counterparts in Europe and Asia."

Lewis and Clark 4th Grade Teacher Hugo Zavala said he was inspired to become a bilingual teacher because of his youth.

"Having the experience of learning a second language, coming to a country not knowing a single word of English; You as a teacher need to understand that they can have success."

Reykdal says the kids are also learning from each other in both their primary language and a secondary language because they pick up information more easily.

The full video is below:


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