The Washington State Tree Fruit Association (WSTFA) will be hosting the 115th annual meeting and expo at the Wenatchee Convention Center next week, Monday-Wednesday (Dec. 9-11). The theme for the three day event is 'Our Choices Today Shape Our Reality Tomorrow'.

The theme is intended to drive a narrative on not just industry challenges, but also strategies and solutions to those problems.

"This is the largest tree fruit conference in the United States," said Tim Kovis, communications manager. "There will be sessions and presentations ranging from U.S. policy in regards to agriculture all the way to horticulture practices."

The forum will also touch on market conditions, food safety and pests and disease among other hot topics. With over 150 exhibitors and a handful of speakers, the WSTFA expects 2,000 attendees at the meeting.

"This is a good opportunity for our research community and others to give new information to growers and other industry participants on advances that they've found so that we can continue to grow high quality tree fruit in the state of Washington," said Kovis.


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