From a press release - Orondo Fire, Chelan Fire 7, LCCH EMS & Douglas County Sheriff responded to the helicopter accident in the area of Cascade Foothills, in Orondo, four miles south of the Beebe Bridge. On arrival a helicopter was found in the Orchard sitting upright. The helicopter had heavy damage to the tail section and burn damage through the shell of the aircraft from impact with the high-tension power lines.

The pilot of the helicopter stated that she struck high voltage power lines causing damage to the helicopter bringing it to the ground. The high-tension power lines were broken and down on the ground. The helicopter was on location controlling moisture on cherry trees to prevent cherry damage from overnight rains. Cherries absorb moisture, then split when exposed to warming sunlight. There were no injuries, but there was property damage to the helicopter, electrical wires, orchard trees and trellis as well as a widespread power outage.

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