Dogs are the most popular pet in the U.S. Over 65 million households have a dog.  Cats are in 46 million households, and the third most popular pets are freshwater fish, swimming in 11 million homes, according to Forbes Advisor.

America's dog owners love them, right?  Well, a nationwide survey has uncovered some of the things dog owners apparently resent about "man's best friend"

Some of these Pet Peeves have me wondering why some dog owners just don't get a cat, instead.

And what bothers dog owners in Washington state and the rest of the country?

The Forbes Advisor Study Reveals What Ticks Off Dog Owners

In a new study, Forbes Advisor surveyed 10,000 dog owners with equal intake from all 50 states.

In Washington state, dog owners said their #1 Pet Peeve was having to walk their dog.  Over 72% of the respondents in Washington said taking their dog for a walk, a hike, playing fetch or going to a dog park was their top annoyance.  The second highest response was finding a dog sitter and the cost of owning a dog ranked third among pet peeves of owning a dog

Before we beat ourselves up, apparently dog owners in California, Delaware, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania said the same thing.  They love their dog but NOT the obligation to take it for a walk and exercise.

I admit I don't take my Labradoodle for walks as much as she would like but there are other things to find annoying about dog ownership--taking the dog for a walk shouldn't top the list.

Aren't there other pet peeves that are far worse?

  • Finding dog-friendly hotels and accommodations
  • Excessive barking
  • Excessive shedding
  • Picking up your dog's waste
  • Taking your dog to the veterinarian
  • When your dog gets the house dirty
  • When your dog jumps up on you or others
  • Potty or house breaking a puppy
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