While the numbers of people who have moved from the Seattle area to the Wenatchee Valley is not clear, a recent sampling of social media reactions sheds light on how many feel about their move.

Sentiment is all over the board and if you are a longtime resident of the area, see if you agree with some of the perspectives shared by some of our newest neighbors.

Seattle transplants I'll call them for the purpose of this article, and a qualifier;  I am technically one, having moved here in 1983 to Chelan.

Comments on a recent Reddit post mentioned a gratitude for what had been reasonable housing costs in the past and the quality of outdoor opportunities. A post mentioned  Wenatchee would be an "excellent place to be if society collapses" because of our cheap electricity and agricultural base.

Low electric rates and plenty of agriculture nearby are pretty good reasons to live here no matter what..

What Do Seattle Transplants Think About Wenatchee's Political Leanings?

  •  Seattle transplants who don't hold conservative views have to hide their feelings.
  • Political views are equally divided here and conservatives can share their opinion, unlike liberal Seattle.
  • The Wenatchee Valley is more progressive than they anticipated and the problems Seattle has with hypodermic needles and feces on the street is not a concern in Wenatchee

What Is The Infrastructure Like In Wenatchee?

  • The lack of flights serving Pangborn Airport is a drawback for frequent fliers, something everyone would agree on
  • Staffing challenges at Confluence Health so many people drive back to Seattle for healthcare services.
  • Healthcare here is good with private hospital rooms.
  • Free regional public transit was mentioned frequently as a positive.

Wenatchee's Weather Is Now A Factor

  • The smoky conditions during summer has become a concern of Seattle transplants.   You might think, the socked in, low lying cloud inversion that plagues the Wenatchee Valley during the winter season would be a drawback.  Maybe they are accustomed to the cloudy, rainy weather and don't mind?

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Social Life in Wenatchee

  • The dining scene was described as "meh", to "solid" but not as good as Seattle.
  • Transplants recognize there are less "things to do" but activities are out there and just harder to find.
  • Many recognize the social opportunities in the Wenatchee Valley revolve around the myriad of recreational activities in the Wenatchee Valley.

Lifestyle In Wenatchee vs. Seattle

  • Residents of the Wenatchee Valley are more authentic and it's easier to make friends here than the Seattle/Bellevue area.
  • It's a calmer, simpler or easier pace of life than in the "big city"
  • Still more affordable housing than Seattle, but the gap has narrowed.
  • A safer place to raise children

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