The USPS is warning residents of an organized ring of “porch pirates,” who steal packages from one area to the next during the holidays.

USPS clerk Craig Hannah said package theft has been getting worse every year due to an increase in Amazon deliveries and their policy for leaving packages on the porch.

For the past few weeks, USPS has seen over 400 instances of mail theft, followed by low recovery rates.

“They will watch a carrier deliver a package and just grab that package,” Hannah said. “They don’t care, ring cameras don’t discourage it, they will just grab the packages off the porch, drive by mailboxes late at night.”

Many residents may not notice that their packages are gone for a week or two, and by that time the culprits have moved onto the next location.

Residents are recommended to get a locked mailbox to prevent future theft, and to call the authorities if a package is stolen.

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