A volunteer group of chaplains are on call around the clock to serve the emotional needs of law enforcement and the first responder community.  The North Central Washington Chaplain Foundation is also ready to serve the family members of emergency responders and the general public in emotional crisis anywhere in Chelan and Douglas Counties.

Lead Chaplain Paul Hughes, a retired Wenatchee Police Officer says the volunteers are trained Chaplains ready to respond 24/7 and offer a caring presence providing emotional, spiritual or practical support to anyone experiencing emotional trauma, loss or grief.

Hughes says Chaplains have been trained to compassionately walk alongside others during some of the most overwhelming even life-changing events an individual may ever face.

While the organization is available in a crisis for the public, the 1st goal is to serve the first responder community: Law Enforcement, Fire Department personnel, Emergency Medical Service personnel and First Responder Dispatchers.

Chaplains try to pro-actively visit first responder agencies to build relationships and be available to assist, support and serve individual First Responders dealing with personal stress and emotional crises given the challenges they face on the job.

The 2nd goal is to serve the spouses, children and family of first responders offering them emotional and spiritual resources, support, and guidance. A 3rd goal is to respond when the a first responder calls on a Chaplain to comfort members of the public facing emotional trauma or grief. Hughes explains these could be the victims of: a crime, a house fire, a medical emergency or the death of a loved one.


NCW Chaplains are currently working with the following law enforcement agencies;

Chelan County Sheriff Office, Douglas Co. Sheriff Office, Wenatchee Police Department, East Wenatchee Police Department, Washington State Patrol District 6,

Fire Department Agencies:

Wenatchee Valley Fire Department, Chelan Co. Fire Dist.#3 Leavenworth, Chelan Co. Fire Dist. #5 Manson, Chelan Co. Fire Dist. #7 Chelan, Chelan Co. Fire Dist.#8 Entiat, Lake Wenatchee Fire Dist. #9.

Ambulance Companies:

Ballard Ambulance Company, Lifeline Ambulance Company

RiverCom Dispatch Center

While the NCW Washington Chaplain Foundation is all-volunteer, donations help with training expenses and paying for materials given as emotional support items.

Donations to the Chaplaincy can be made on-line at: www.ncwchaplain.org or by mail to: NCW Chaplain Foundation - PO Box 5417, Wenatchee, WA 98807

For more information on NCW Chaplain Foundation, email Hughes at pkhug@nwi.net

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