How much have you budgeted or think you will spend during this holiday season?

A survey of over 2,100 U.S. consumers has calculated the average spending on gifts and seasonal activities associated with the holidays and including decorations will work out to $1,240.50 according to a study by research firm Deputy.

The results revealed we fork out about $130 per shopping trip during the holiday season.

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Washington state consumers will spend $909.80 on average this holiday season.

The average state spending ranged from a low of $643.78 in Rhode Island to the highest average of nearly $2,473 in Mississippi.

There does not seem to be a correlation between household income and average holiday spending so the figures may have more to with other factors.

For instance, Mississippi's average holiday spending is more than double that of Washington despite the Evergreen state's median household income at $103,659 is significantly higher than the $65,156 in Mississippi, the nation's lowest in 2023

Washington Holiday spending will average $909.80 according to Deputy researcch
Washington Holiday spending will average $909.80 according to Deputy research

There was not enough data to include spending averages in Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming.

How much have you spent?

With only days before Christmas, how much have you spent on the holidays? Let us know by tapping chat in the app or sending us a quick message!

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