The temperatures in the Wenatchee area and across North Central Washington are about to warm up in a big way. 

National Weather Service meteorologist Valerie Thaler says a changing weather pattern is leading to the warmup. 

"We are going to see high pressure beginning to build over the inland northwest, which will transport warmer air across the entire Pacific Northwest," said Thaler. 

Wenatchee will see temperatures rise into the upper 70s by Wednesday and the low 80s by the weekend. 

Thaler says the change is about a week earlier than normal. 

"The mean for 80 degrees for Wenatchee was May 6th, and they are forecasted to reach 80 degrees April 29th, which is about exactly a week ahead of the average," Thaler said. 

Meanwhile, there have been no days reaching 70 degrees in North Central Washington yet this year. Wenatchee typically breaks 70 by the second week in April. 

A return to highs in the 60s around the region is expected early next week before there’s another warmup. 

The earliest date Wenatchee has reached 70 degrees is March 7, while the latest is May 9. The earliest date for 80 degrees is April 1 while the latest date was June 20. 

Thaler said the Weather Service main messaging for the warmup is to advise the public about cold temperatures that are still present in waterways around the region. 

“Cold water shock is a very real occurrence, and a very real concern for people going into the water,” said Thaler. 

The Weather Service is advising people visiting rivers and lakes in North Central Washington this weekend to wear a life jacket and never go into a waterway alone. 

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