It's going to be a toasty weekend in North Central Washington and the Columbia Basin.

The National Weather Service Office in Spokane is forecasting temperatures in the low- to mid-90s on Friday and Saturday.

Meteorologist Rocco Pelatti says a ridge off high pressure off the Pacfic Ocean will create the warmer-than-usual temperatures.

"It's above normal for sure, and we're highlighting it by issuing what we call a 'HeatRisk'."

The HeatRisk is an experimental color-numeric-based index that provides a forecast for possible heat-related impacts over a 24-hour period.

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Pelotti says this weekend's HeatRisk could affect some people under specific circumstances.

"For the warmest day, which is Saturday, we're into the orange level which is the 'Moderate' category. That will impact most individuals who are sensitive to heat, especially those without effective cooling or hydration. There's also some possible affects in healthcare systems and heat-sensitive industries."

Forecasters say the ridge of high pressure will begin to breakdown on Sunday, bringing temperatures back into the mid- to upper-80s along with a threat of thunderstorms, especially near the Cascade Mountains in the late afternoon hours.

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