The heat will soon be on for North Central Washington and the Columbia Basin.

Temperatures in the region are expected to surge into triple digits by Friday with record-tying or -breaking highs possible by early next week.

Meteorologist Greg Koch with the National Weather Service (NWS) Office in Spokane says the extreme temperatures will be created by an air mass that's currently bringing scorching weather to places like Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California.

"There's a strong ridge of upper-level high pressure that will strengthen as heat which has been residing in the Southern Plains and Desert Southwest begins to move northward into Oregon, Washington, and Idaho."

Koch says there are numerous hazards associated with the sizzling temperatures but one will be monitored especially close by NWS officials.

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"One of the things that we are paying special attention to is the status of our wildfire fuels. They will begin to dry significantly over the weekend and into next week."

Koch adds that people who are sensitive to hot weather will need to take additional precautions and anyone who works outside should consider adjusting their hours to the morning and/or evening.

The searing temperatures are currently scheduled to last through at least the middle of next week and bring the region a minimum of five, and as many as seven consecutive days of triple-digit highs.

Based on current forecasts, Wenatchee is in line to break its all-time highs for July 7, 8 & 9, while Moses Lake is slated to break its all-time highs for July 7 & 9, and tie its all-time marks for July 6 & 8.

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