The Wenatchee City Hall remodeling project will cost an additional $106,470 plus tax after more work was identified in and around the building.

Two change orders were approved by the Wenatchee City Council unanimously. They were the 4th and 5th change orders for the project so far.

Facilities Manager Elisa Schafer said the extra construction includes $30,144 for mechanical, electrical and plumbing modifications, $12,295 to replace some sidewalk and two light poles, and an extra $40,004 related to fire system.

"We're about 40% done with construction as far as dollars are concerned and we have spent 25% of our contingency," said Schafer.

Previously, the city put $1 million aside for contingencies.

The city will also pay TW Clark Construction $19,292 for ten additional working days.

Components like new concrete walls and the mezzanine's steel structure have already been installed. The building's large windows will likely be added sometime in mid-December.

The project is running about four weeks behind schedule.

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