The smoky haze carrying into the Wenatchee Valley is projected to get worse into the week.

The smoke is coming in from the White River and Irving Peak fires 15 miles north of Plain.

According to the Department of Ecology, Chelan County had the worst air quality in Washington State on Sunday.

Any area with an AQI higher than 100 is unhealthy for sensitive groups. Anything over 150 AQI is unhealthy for everyone.

Cashmere was measured at the highest Air Quality Index (AQI) with an 181 AQI. Wenatchee followed second with an 167 AQI and Leavenworth with an 153 AQI.

Spokane’s National Weather Service Meteorologist Daniel Butler said that the smoke may get worse going into Monday due to low winds.

“The light winds are driving the smoke down to the Cashmere, Wenatchee area and that's going to be the theme for the next several days as high pressure sits over us,” Butler said.

He also states that the high pressure will persist throughout the week.

“There's a chance that it could actually get worse throughout the week as it lingers, because as the smoke just sits there, it can accumulate more and more,” Butler said. “It could get worse before it gets better.” 

The week will also face a warming trend, reaching temperatures within the 80s. It is recommended to limit long-term outdoor exposure while the smoke persists.

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