The City of Wenatchee is banking on March 7th to break ground on the so-called "MegaKittrick" project on North Wenatchee Avenue.

Ryan Harmon, Project Engineer with the Public Works Department, went before the city council for authorization to work with engineering consultant, KPG Psomas.

"When we do a project like this. We need to bring a construction engineering company in to oversee it," Harmon said. "We'll probably have the equivalent of two full time inspectors on this job for over 10 months."

The council approved the request. The consultant will be in charge of certain jobs such as inspections.

"There's review of all submittals so as you can imagine, we need to order traffic signals now. Those are all done by the construction engineering company. We're required to have a cultural resource inspection on all of our jobs now so they're out there during construction." Harmon said.

The project is expected to take 180 working days to complete.

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