Washington's 12th District State Reps. Keith Goehner and Mike Steele are both co-sponsors on a bill (HB 1053) that would return the state's laws regarding vehicle pursuits by law enforcement to their previous language.

Washington's pursuit laws were dramatically changed as a result of legislation which passed during the 2022 sessions in Olympia.

Rep. Steele says restoring the state's old pursuit laws goes hand in hand with improving public safety, and he believes that's in the hands of state lawmakers.

"The Legislature has a responsibility to ensure that if there's a criminal out there breaking the law, there are ways to hold those people accountable. And this right to pursue bill would take us back to a time when law enforcement felt a little more confident in what they could and cannot do. And I certainly don't want law enforcement in the field having to second guess their actions."

Rep. Goehner adds that reverting to the state's former pursuit laws will also send an important message to the state's residents about how law enforcement is viewed by lawmakers.

"We want to send a message to all the people in the state, including all the criminals, that law enforcement is supported. And that's primarily what we need to be getting back to, where we have that respect for those who are putting their life on the line every day. So I'm hopeful that throughout this whole session that message will become more of the overriding theme."

HB 1053 was introduced by 31st District Rep. Eric Robertson of Buckley and has a total of 28 sponsors, including 7th District Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber.

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