U.S. 97A is back open today after a rockslide closed down the highway Sunday evening near Entiat. 

Washington State Patrol Trooper Jeremy Weber says there were reports of some larger rocks blocking the roadway. 

"When they come back that they're truck sized, that gets our attention," said Weber. 

The Department of Transportation sent a front loader to the scene to clear the rocks. 

U.S. 97A was reopened shortly afterwards. The highway was closed for an extended time last week because of rock slides north of Entiat. 

Weber says Sunday was a busy day for rockslides. 

"We've been dealing with this, actually, all day long," Weber said. "There was one in Pine Canyon. There were several on 97. I mean they just happen. It's just 'tis the season,' kind of a thing." 

Also, over the weekend the Department of Transportation (WSDOT) officially reopened US 2 near Tumwater Canyon Saturday, which marked its fourth closure in one week. 

Since Thursday night, US 2 was closed between the east side of Stevens Pass near Coles Corner, through Tumwater Canyon, to the west end of Leavenworth, due to avalanche concerns. 

WSDOT attributes the frequent closure of the section of road to weather patterns during the winter season.

The first winter storm dropped drier, lighter snow which created a base. It was followed by heavier wetter snow, which will tend to easily slide off that base.

WSDOT says there will be more heightened avalanche risks throughout the season when wet snow falls in warmer temperatures.

It's a La Nina winter in the Northwest, which typically brings wetter snowfall.

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