A BASE jumper does not have serious injuries after getting stuck on a steep slope from a cliff overlooking U.S. 97-A north of Wenatchee over the weekend.  

Climbers with Chelan County Mountain Rescue used bolts from a September rescue at the same location to set up a line to safely get to the person and get them out.   

Chelan County Mountain Rescue 6-9-24
Chelan County Mountain Rescue 6-9-24


The jumper got stuck on a steep ledge Saturday morning.  

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BASE jumping involves jumping from fixed locations such as cliffs, using a parachute to come down safely to the ground.  


Mountain Rescue says their members fixed roughly 500 feet of rope along the traverse and the BASE jumper was able to traverse out with their assistance.  

They say it was a quicker rescue and easier because most of the bolts were still there from their September rescue.  

The rescue team said it did not push the route (Bob's Apple Barrel Traverse) further across the wall but did add a few more bolts and put in a cleaner, more direct line. 

The Chelan County Mountain Rescue Association is a non-profit 501(c) group of climbers who work on a volunteer basis. 

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