Animal control officials are seeking information about a dog attack that happened Tuesday morning in Wenatchee.

Wenatchee Valley Humane Society executive director, Taylor Sharp, says the incident proved fatal for another animal.

“Wenatchee Valley Animal Care & Control is currently searching for a dog at large that has gotten into an altercation with another dog and ended up killing that dog, as well as biting a person.”

The attacks occurred around 10:45 a.m. near South Monroe and Russell Streets.

Sharp says the dog is potentially dangerous and they are eager to receive any information that might lead to its whereabouts.

“We are desperately seeking any information folks might have. And we’d ask them to please reach out as soon as possible.”

Anyone with information about the dog or its owner can call 509-888-7283 or go to the humane society offices at 1474 South Wenatchee Ave. during regular business hours.

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