The current weather pattern is bringing especially warm air into Eastern Washington.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jon Fox says it originates off the coast of California.

"There's a big area of low pressure which is right off the Bay Area in California right now," said Fox. "And we're on the northeast side of that. And what it's doing is bringing southeasterly flow, which is bringing much warmer air into the region."

Temperatures will be close to record highs over the next two days before there's a major cooldown by the weekend.

The record high temperature for May 2 in Wenatchee is 85.

The warm air will give way to falling temperatures and a good chance of rain by Friday.

Fox says we may catch a break for the Apple Blossom Grand Parade at 11am Saturday.

"There are indications that things will be winding down somewhat by that time," Fox said. "There's still quite a few models showing precipitation in your area, but it does look like the brunt of the rain is going to fall from Friday morning into, we'll call it 9-10am Saturday morning."

The weather will continue to be cooler and wetter than normal for the following week as well.

Temperatures will dip to the low 60s for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which is several degrees below the average of 67 and 68 degrees for those dates.

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