Washington State Department of Transportation work continues on the 'Be Prepared to Stop' flashing beacons on Highway 2 between Wenatchee and Peshastin.

Frustrated drivers may have noticed long delays prior to merging into one lane just before the road work.

Communications manager Lauren Loebsack said that most people's perception of how to merge with a lane closure are inaccurate, as drivers who wait until close to the last moment to merge are the ones merging correctly.

"A lot of people try to be polite. As soon as they see that lane ending notice they move over to the other lane." Loebsack explained, "In this case, when they saw the left lane closure signage they immediately moved over to the right lane. But what happens is that can create congestion in both lanes and we lose the capacity of the traveling in the left lane."

Monday crews will move to the Hay Canyon Road/Goodwin Road intersection, while Tuesday the Dryden beacons will get their attention. Asphalt work in the intersections should wrap up the project Wednesday.

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