A 35-year-old Wenatchee man is in jail after what police say was a fight at a south Wenatchee apartment complex Saturday night.

All four local police agencies and the state patrol were sent to the scene at about 9:45 pm in the 1100 block of Red Apple Road near Wenatchee High School.

On arrival, they found no one who was injured but spotted several semi-automatic rifle casings on the ground outside the complex.

With the help of callers, they say they learned that Jaime Camarena Zaragosa was the person who fired the shots. His name was provided to police within the first several minutes after the gunshots.

About 20 minutes later, the search was focused on the residence of a relative where Camarena was thought to have fled in the 1200 block of Millerdale Avenue

Wenatchee Police Capt. Edgar Reinfeld said the relatives called in to say he was hiding behind their home.

Reinfeld says a Chelan County Sheriff's Office drone with a thermal camera was used to locate Camarena hiding under furniture on the back porch of the relative's home.

Camarena surrendered when ordered to come out by a police public address speaker.

Reinfeld said the five agencies - Wenatchee Police, Chelan County Sheriff's Office, East Wenatchee Police, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, and the Washington State Patrol - were called in because shots had been fired and an armed suspect was loose in the area with unknown intentions.

"We respond with as many numbers as we can gather as quickly as possible and try to localize, isolate, and try to take him into custody, which is what happened," said Reinfeld.

Camarena had minor cuts to his hands when arrested. He could appear in court as early as Monday.

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