Eighty-degree weather like we experienced over the weekend in North Central Washington is becoming less likely to happen again as we move through October.

The average daytime high at this point is in the mid 60s.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Miranda Cote says it'll be that much lower in two weeks.

"The normal highs, like the climatological averages, are about 60, upper 50s to near 60," said Cote.

The 8–14-day outlook does show a chance for higher-than-normal temperatures and high than normal precipitation.

While the average high is in the 60s this week, Cote says Wenatchee has reached 70 degrees at a much later date.

"The latest that Wenatchee has ever seen 70 was on December 1st, and that was in 2021," Cote said.

The average final date it reaches 70 degrees in Wenatchee is October 12 while the normal last day for 75 degrees is October 3.

The last date to ever reach 75 was October 19 of 1984.

The average daytime high by the end of October will be 51, as the average high drops 18 degrees over the course of the months.

October sees the biggest fall in temperatures of any month in North Central Washington. Cote says the hours of sunlight diminish throughout the month, making it more difficult for warmer weather to take hold.

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