Chelan County deputies are warning about a phone scam where the caller claims to be from the sheriff's office. 

Chief of Patrol Operations Ryan Moody says they're targeting school employees and they've had some success. 

"What they're doing is they called a couple of Wenatchee School District, one of the elementary schools, they ended up getting one of the, I think it was teachers, to give them some money," said Moody. 

The sheriff's office is stressing that they never call to solicit money. 

They're advising anyone who questions the validity of a phone call to take measures to confirm what they're being told before giving any money. 

Moody says the calls show up on phones as being from the sheriff's office. 

"When the person called the school, their caller ID said it was the Chelan County Sheriff's Office," Moody said. "That's why these people thought it was legitimate." 

The sheriff's office says a good resource on how to recognize and report scams is the Federal Trade Commission website. 

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