The Chelan County Hearing Examiner approved a 134-lot development in Peshastin on August 30, amidst growing concern from nearby residents.

The development will be constructed on 42.1 acres on Larson Road, within Peshastin’s Urban Growth Area.

This property used to be a Pear Orchard, but was recently converted to residential property when it was bought by Bergren Tree Fruits LLC in 2019.

Units will be classified as low-density housing, including single-home residences, duplexes, ADUs and townhomes.

Over 26 letters were submitted to the hearing examiner regarding this development. Residents shared concerns on increased traffic, water and wastewater capacity, the influx of short-term rental units, the existence of multi-family units, environmental health issues, and increased noise.

During the July 8th Hearing Examiner public hearings, neighbors of the development, Melissa and Nick Rossi, brought multiple witnesses to share their concerns and tried to appeal the development. 

They requested that the hearing examiner require a Environmental Impact Statement on the property or remand the appeal back to the county.

There was an additional hearing on July 11, with residents bringing their concerns once again.

After determining the evidence presented by the witnesses, the hearing examiner decided to move ahead with the development.

Before any development can start, both the Department of Ecology and the Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation have asked the owners to work on preparing the land for occupancy.

On March 25, 2021, the Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation conducted a study that found that there may be historical landmarks on the property that would require consultation with the local Tribes’ cultural committees.

On Feb. 1, 2022, the Department of Ecology found traces of lead and arsenic in the ground that would require additional cleanup.

Chelan County Public Works also confirmed that the intersection between Larson and Derby Canyon Road would need to be improved before occupancy.

Bergren Tree Fruits LLC will need to implement a private road system, including two paved driving lanes, two additional roads connecting to Larson Road, add pedestrian trails, and require a 20 mph speed limit.

The deadline to appeal this decision at the Chelan County Superior Court is Sep. 20.

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