Chelan County road crews are striking Chumstick Highway Thursday between Leavenworth and Plain. 

They'll be striping the center yellow line and the right-hand white line, which is also called the fog line. 

County spokesperson Jill FitzSimmons says it's important that drivers avoid passing the striper truck out of safety concerns. 

"If we get a lineup of cars, we will pull over and let the folks pass," said FitzSimmons. "But that takes a little time to stop striping, and to pull to the side of the road. So, we're just asking people to be patient." 

Road paint also dries withing 90 seconds, which means it'll dry onto the paint job of cars that drive too close to the striper truck. 

Anyone who gets paint on their vehicle will need to wash it with a pressure washer as soon as possible. WD40 also may help in removing it. 

Chumstick Highway is the most high-profile road in the area that’s maintained at the county level. 

FitzSimmons says Chelan County roads are in almost constant need of re-striping.  

"We have to re-stripe nearly every county road every year," FitzSimmons said. "And that's because of our weather conditions - the sun, the snow and the wet, and of course our snowplows." 

The county re-stripes about 800 miles of road a year. 

The process starts in April with stop bars and crosswalks. The high-tech striper truck works on yellow center lines and fog lines from mid-June through September. 

The re-striping is paid for by the county road fund at a cost of just over $300,000. 

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