The City of Cashmere’s city council and planning commission are holding a joint planning meeting over residential development plans and  the city’s annual work plan on Feb. 13.

Topics that are up for discussion include extending water and utilities for residential development, the addition of multi-family zones along the Link Transit routes, revising roadway design standards, and possible extensions to the urban growth area.

Cashmere Mayor Jim Fletcher says this meeting is a chance for residents to learn more about land use priorities and where development should be prioritized. 

He also understands if residents may have concerns regarding future development and whether Cashmere will keep its small-town atmosphere.

“What helps keep a rural community [a] small town?” Fletcher asked. “Where we have neighbors who talk to each other and enjoy each other, and kids can run around and play. Where is that happy median between new people coming in and building and houses that exist here that already enjoy the view of the orchard?”

This joint meeting will be held at Cashmere City Hall on Feb. 13, 2023 at 6 p.m., during their city council meeting.

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