City of Leavenworth Communications Analyst Christie Voos delves into how their administration is handling this summer’s dangerous river conditions for the Wenatchee River, after multiple reports of drownings and water rescues in that area.

This past week, there have been roughly five or six reported water rescues on the Wenatchee River, with one confirmed drowning

Voos said the city had to hold off on advertising their proposed tubing ride shuttle service due to the unpredictable river levels. 

“We don't want people to be in a situation that they aren't expecting. This year is very different than years past as far as river safety and I think it's worth a larger conversation to make sure our visitors are safe.”

The city is unlikely to regulate the Wenatchee River due to their inability to control recreational activity past the city limits, opting instead to collaborate with Chelan County Fire District #3, Chelan County EMS, and Cascade Medical Center on river safety.

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