Now that spring is in full swing, the City of Wenatchee is reminding its residents about a recently-passed ordinance that prohibits RVs from parking on its streets.

The new rule went into effect last year and is designed to cut down on a number of issues the City has been encountering with RVs in recent years.

City Administrator, Laura Gloria, says one of those problems stemmed from the size of the vehicles.

"Recreational vehicles are not allowed to parked on city streets unless you are actively loading or unloading. Because the vehicles are so wide it can really create an access issue, not only for other people living in those neighborhoods but also for emergency response crews."

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Gloria says RVs parked on city streets can also create other issues.

"We've also seen cases where those vehicles are sitting there for a long time and have sewage or other things that are leaking out onto our city streets, so it's also become a hazard in that way."

The City's new ordinance also allows it to tow any RV deemed as having been abandoned.

The rules were largely adopted in response to what had been a growing problem with people living in RVs and parking them on city streets.

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