Congressman Dan Newhouse explains why he voted against the Electoral Reform Bill on Sep. 21.

The Electoral Reform bill is fashioned to reform and modernize the Electoral Count Act, which was first enacted back in 1887.

Congressman Dan Newhouse is one of the hundreds of representatives who voted along party lines. 220 democratic representatives voted for the bill, while 203 republicans voted against it.

This act was created to replace ambiguous texts, better illustrate state and federal roles in selecting the next President and Vice President, and require the courts to get involved if state legislators try to delay or refuse election results.

AP News reports that this bill was drafted in response to President Trump and his legal team trying to find loopholes within this law to try and overturn his defeat in the 2020 Presidential election.

Newhouse’s vote came as a surprise due to him being one of the ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump after the Jan. 6th insurrection.

Newhouse said he voted against the bill due to not being well versed on the bill beforehand, stating that the bill was kept secret from representatives until the day before the vote.

“It could have been the best bill ever proposed. It may well have been, but I heard some concerns from some people that there were some constitutional issues as it related to states rights,” Newhouse said. “I had no opportunity to ask clarifying questions to decide whether that was true or not. So I couldn't support something that I just didn't have a chance to consider.”

Newhouse also states that the Senate had months in advance to read over their version of the bill before voting on it.

“I really look forward to seeing what their product is and I hope that we have an opportunity to consider that version and do so in good faith,” Newhouse said. “So that the process is bipartisan and transparent, and we can provide a good product that will make sure that our elections, in fact, are as good as they can be moving forward.”

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