The City of East Wenatchee has a contractor in place to remodel what will be its new police station at 50 Simon Street.

City council members ultimately chose Apollo Inc., a Kennewick-based construction company Tuesday.

Public Works Manager Garren Melton said they advertised a base bid for the remodel and then listed six additional projects they would prefer to see done, with Apollo providing a bid to build all five interior options.

Those interior options were:

  • Removal of a dividing wall in the patrol area and refinishing the flooring
  • Adding structural support to add a dividing door to separate records staff and patrol space
  • Removal of a wall to create space for a conference room within an office allowing for private briefings
  • Removal of two substandard bathrooms to create a second locker room for officers. Constructing to new sergeant officers and adding floor space to a third.
  • Removing a reconfiguring walls and office spaces in the building's core

"The only one that didn't quite make it on there was fencing the parking lot to have a secured parking area." Melton said, "The benefit of doing it this is we have a complete design, we have specifications, we are able to basically take that and move forward in the future if and when funds become available."

Although the city had estimated the bid would be around $800,000, Apollo's bid ended up being just over $506,000.

The city previously bought the building for about $4 million.

Staff hopes the remodeling project will be completed by the end of the year.

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