A messianic rabbi from Dryden will be facing reduced charges in the domestic case against him.

In March of 2021, 39-year-old Isaac David Heckman was arrested on suspicion of abusing his former partner.

Heckman serves as a Rabbi/Pastor for the Assembly of Called Out Believers, a Wenatchee-based messianic fellowship that combines teachings from both Judaism and Christianity.

According to the court affidavit, the victim alleged that Heckman choked her and physically assaulted her multiple times.

The suspect was initially charged with three felony counts of second-degree assault and domestic violence.

A year after his arrest, Heckman was additionally charged with cyberstalking, violation of a court order, tampering with a witness, and for disclosing intimate images, after a website containing intimate photos of the victim came to light.

Defense attorney Nicholas Yedinak motioned to dismiss the first three aforementioned charges, stating that there was an insufficient amount of evidence tying Heckman to that website.

Chelan County Superior Court Judge Kristin Ferrera dismissed three out of the four additional charges without prejudice, meaning those charges could potentially come back to court. 

Heckman is still charged with all three counts of assault and for disclosing intimate images.

On Monday, Ferrera denied the defense’s request to sever these charges.

Trial is set for May 23, 2023.

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