Wenatchee Police are asking for assault charges against a 57-year-old Wenatchee businessman after a reported domestic altercation. 

Officers say Anthony Williams grabbed and pushed his girlfriend into a bathroom at a Wenatchee residence they share and caused injuries to her face. 

Williams was booked into Chelan County jail Tuesday. He made a court appearance and was released without bail Thursday. 

Williams is the former was CEO and General Manager of the Wenatchee Bighorns basketball team before leaving the team prior the start of the 2024 season. The Bighorns had an outstanding balance of $28,719.82 owing to the Town Toyota Center at the end of the 2023 season.

Williams was the Bird scooter local fleet manager in 2022. Williams also ran for Wenatchee City Council last November, losing to Charlie Atkinson. He ran under the name Electrify (Anthony) Williams. 

Williams is not accused of hitting his girlfriend, but of holding a mirror in a threatening way that caused her to hit her head on the side of a towel rack. Police observed some "swelling and a bruise forming on the orbit of her right eye" 

His girlfriend told police he forced her onto a bed with an ice pack for her eye and held her there for 10-15 minutes. 

She now has a no contact order against Williams. 

Williams has not been formally charged. Prosecutors have until 5pm Monday to do so. Police are asking for misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and felony unlawful imprisonment charges. 

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