A dispute over a stolen bike resulted in gunfire in Moses Lake around 9 p.m. on Sep. 12.

The 36-year-old victim went to a neighboring homeless camp to confront 30-year-old Eric Walters about a bike that was reportedly stolen from the victim’s acquaintance.

During the argument, Walters pulled out a stolen gun, resulting in the two fighting. Later behind a Safeway, Walters shot the victim in the abdomen, stole his backpack, then fled into some bushes.

Moses Lake Police brought in a K9 unit, which led to Walters surrendering and was arrested.

Walters was charged with first degree assault, first degree robbery, first degree burglary, theft and possession of a firearm, violation of a restraining order, and an outstanding warrant for felony theft.

The victim was transported to Samaritan Hospital for treatment with the help of nearby witnesses.

Witnesses later turned the stolen bike over to police, who returned the bike to its original owners.

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