Douglas County Commissioners rejected the proposed East Wenatchee Annexation Inter-local Agreement during a regular session May 10. The annexation would incorporate over 1,300 residents and three car dealerships into the city of East Wenatchee.

East Wenatchee mayor Jerrilea Crawford says there are two more options available for annexation, "The agreement method is just one option," she said. "The other options are a petition method, where you get 60% of the  property value owners to sign on and say yes they want to be in the city, so that's one method, the another method is a vote."

The commissioners cited negative public comments and lack of public participation as  reasons for rejecting the proposal.

Crawford notes that clarification of city and county boundaries are needed for an understanding of what constitutes an urban growth area.  "Yes, you're in the county. but you're in the 'urban growth' area of the county. That means urban growth. It is intentionally designed and set up to anticipate that urban services will be in your neighborhood."



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