A dumpster fire that damaged the Liberty Theater in Wenatchee Tuesday night is being investigated as a potential arson.

Wenatchee Police Captain Edgar Reinfeld said firefighters arrived around 9:20 pm to the alley behind the Liberty for a dumpster fire that had extended into a door as was starting to work up a back wall.

The fire was eventually knocked down and the theater ventilated. Some overhanging PUD wires were also damaged. There were no injuries.

"If we get a concern that someone has set a fire or we can see someone on video setting a fire we'll of course look at any other fires as a potential series because arsons run in series." explained Reinfeld, "We see it over and over again. You don't just get an isolated arson, they usually happen a few times."

According to Chelan County Fire District 1, there was a camera in the alley but they are unsure if investigators were able to pick anyone up on the footage. Those responding to the scene reported they didn't see anyone leaving the alley or in the area.

If anyone has any video or information regarding the incident they are asked to reach out to Detective Drolet with the Wenatchee Police Department.

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