A 36-year-old East Wenatchee man now has a trial date in federal court for dealing methamphetamine and fentanyl along with carjacking.

Nicholas Henry Fulcher and at least two co-defendants are accused of conspiring to distribute 500 or more grams of methamphetamine and 400 grams of fentanyl between January and April 19 of 2022.

Fulcher and his co-defendants are also charged with stealing a 2006 Mercedes C Class car by force on May 23, 2022.

One of his co-defendants is further charged with kidnapping a person on May 23, 2022 and illegal possession of a Remington SP-10 10-gauge shotgun on August 18,2022.

Fulcher has a trial date set for July 14 in the Washington Eastern District Federal Court in Spokane.

His co-defendants are Edward Tony Velahernandez and Jeaninne Opal Figueroa.

Fulcher was sentenced to a six-year term in prison after admitting he called in a bomb scare to the Chelan County Courthouse in June of 2022.

Fulcher made the threat in order to avoid appearing in court on a charge he assaulted a nurse at Central Washington Hospital.

He ended up pleading guilty to a lesser charge of 4th Degree Assault in the case involving the nurse, while also pleading guilty to making the bomb threat.

His six-year sentence covered both cases.

Fulcher's bomb threat led to the complete shutdown of all Chelan County operations for the day, as well a partial evacuation of the county jail.

At the time, Fulcher had 10 previous felony convictions dating back to 2001, including 1st Degree Burglary, 1st Degree Robbery and Theft of a Motor Vehicle.

A federal arrest warrant was issued for Fulcher on Tuesday.

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