The Eastmont School Bond only has 51 percent of the vote so far in this week’s general election. 

Bonds require 60 percent approval to pass, while school levies only require a simple majority. 

Eastmont School District Superintendent Becky Berg says she's still hopeful the bond will pass. 

"We're still feeling very optimistic," said Berg. "And maybe that's just the nature of educators, but we believe in the purpose of this bond issue. Our buildings need a lot of work, and we'll just trust the democratic process and respect however the voters weigh in." 

The $185 million bond would go towards constructing, rebuilding, and upgrading classrooms in the Eastmont District. 

"We're confident that the message got out," said Berg.  "We hope that the voters agree with us. If they do then we'll be very busy over the next few years. If we don't make that 60 percent super majority, then we'll consider those results, talk with our community, and create a path forward, because the needs don't go away." 

More results will be reported in the race later this week. 

The Eastmont bond is leading by 281 votes with roughly 5,000 votes still to be counted. 

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