School districts in Washington could lose state funding if they don't follow Governor Jay Inslee's new COVID-19 orders.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal has filed an emergency rule to penalize schools that "willfully" violate them.

Governor Inslee's orders require masks for students, faculty and visitors at schools, and for all K-12 workers to be fully vaccinated

Districts that break the rules will receive a series of notices before losing state money after two months.

A number of school districts in Washington have complained about the new orders.

Members of the Eastmont School Board in the Wenatchee Valley discussed their sharp opposition the mandates at a recent meeting, and are sending a letter to Governor Inslee asking him to consider rescinding them.

At least 50 mask less people disrupted a meeting of the Wenatchee School Board this week over several issues, including the governor's new rules.

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