Former Confluence Health Employees who claim they were wrongly fired for declining to get the COVID-19 vaccination are asking a Douglas County judge to reconsider his decision to dismiss their claims.

The attorney representing the 94 plaintiffs filed a motion last Thursday, saying Douglas County Superior Court Judge Brian Huber dismissed the case without considering Confluence Health's failure to accommodate their religious practices.

The former employees brought a class action lawsuit in April, claiming Confluence Health failed to honor their religious or medical exemptions.

Confluence rejected more than 100 exemption requests in October of 2021.

In his dismissal, Huber said the plaintiffs’ failed to identify a clear public policy that supports their claim of wrongful discharge, and that they don't have any inherent disability.

The latest court filing from the plaintiff's attorney says the court should revise its ruling to address their claim that Confluence Health failed to accommodate their religious beliefs, and send the case back to trial.

Judge Huber has indicated he'll consider the plaintiff’s motion to reconsider on January 10 at 1:30pm. without oral arguments.

Plaintiff Attorney Steve Lacy had originally said they would likely appeal the case to a higher court after Huber's dismissal on November 18th.

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