A 47-year-old Wenatchee man is charged with assault in the shooting of another man in what police describe as a love triangle.

East Wenatchee police say David William Holland was involved in an argument and fight in the 1000 block of Dolfay Lane late Wednesday night, where he's accused of shooting the other man in the foot.

The altercation took place outside the apartment of a woman police say the other man had an on-and-off again relationship with.

Officers say the man went to the woman's apartment on Dolfay Lane Wednesday at about 10:20 pm. Police say the man was at the door of the woman's apartment waiting for her to open the door when Holland arrived and started yelling at the woman from outside.

Officers say other man got into a verbal fight with Holland and followed Holland back to his vehicle.

They say the other man opened the passenger door and got into the car and grabbed Holland, who then shot the man in the foot during the altercation.

Police say the other man, the victim, got out of the car. They say Holland drove off and the woman separately left her apartment through a back door.

Neighbors called 911 to report gun shots, which brought East Wenatchee Police to the scene where they found the other man with the wound to his foot. He was taken to Confluence Health Hospital Central Campus in Wenatchee with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police say they were able to connect the car Holland used to leave the apartment to his home address.

Officers got a search warrant and found several firearms and over a pound of suspected methamphetamine at Holland's home.

He was arrested Thursday and was charged Friday in Douglas County Superior Court with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm 1st Degree, and Assault 1st Degree.

Holland has a felony criminal history with theft, stolen property and burglary, and police do not think his gun rights have been restored.

He has a bail of $100,000 and a court date set for Thursday, or Monday, June 17 if he's not in custody.

East Wenatchee Police say their investigation is on-going. Anyone with information related to this investigation is asked to call RiverCom at 509-663-9911.

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