The Numerica Performing Arts Center in Wenatchee has decided on Katie Grove as its new interim executive director.

Grove's appointment follows the departure of J. Woody Lotts. After two years on the job, Lotts resigned as executive director in December; per LinkedIn he now handles donor affairs for the Auburn Symphony Orchestra.

From the looks of it Grove is a seasoned marketing professional. Most recently she was Marketing and Communications Director at Confluence Health, which services a great many rural patients in North Central Washington.

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Her new role is all-encompassing, says Numerica President Steve Robinson. In other words Grove will be doing a little bit of everything.

"The executive director oversees the whole operation," Robinson says. "That's everything from the scheduling of the shows to the execution of the shows to creating a sustainable financial model."

Lotts' departure came at an inopportune time; Numerica was already woefully short-staffed, according to Robinson. And finding a suitable replacement was no small task.

"I wish it had been a straight line," Robinson jokes wryly. "But it wasn't. We've gone through many rounds of interviews. We wanted to hire somebody local who had the skill sets, and it just took us a while to find this person."

Were it not for the "perseverance" of the four-member search committee, as well as Numerica's existing staff, Grove's appointment would not have come to fruition, Robinson says.

"Working with the staff, building a team - I think that's what her skill sets are," Robinson says. "Not everybody has good people skills combined with an ability to read financial budgets and related financial matters."

Grove is expected to start in mid-June. The Numerica PAC as it's commonly known celebrates its 25th anniversary next year.

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