A concert fundraiser for a homeless shelter in Wenatchee is taking place this Saturday, Dec. 2 at the Numerica Performing Arts Center. 

Susan Steele is a director with the People's Foundation, which operates the St. Francis low barrier emergency shelter. 

She says they take in people on a nightly basis who are turned away from other shelters. 

"Maybe they are a little drunk or a little high, they're still able to come in and lay down and be safe and get a good night's sleep." said Steele. "Sometimes people are too high, too violent. We're not able to have them stay at the shelter, but we're able to give them a sleeping bag, or maybe call the hospital to get them help. Try to reach out and get them whatever help we can." 

St. Francis is a 6,000 square foot shelter with 75 beds, plus floor space to accommodate people who are homeless on a nightly basis. The center also has showers for use by people who stay the night.  

The shelter is located at 810 South Wenatchee Ave.  

Steele says they have limited sources for funding. 

"We do have a grant with the city of Wenatchee, and they help us pay for the two people who we hire to spend the night with the homeless people," Steele said. "But there's still so much more that's not covered." 

The two people who work at night stay at the shelter between 7pm and 7am. They check in people off the street and offer them snacks until 8:30pm. The shelter has a policy of “lights out” at 9pm. 

Steele said they also offer people clothing and belongings they’ll need during winter months, such as sleeping bags, thermal underwear, gloves hats and scarves. 

As a low barrier shelter, St. Francis does not perform background checks on people who stay there, which prevents them from taking in children. Steele said there’s a need for more shelter space for women and children in the Wenatchee Valley. 

Saturday’s fundraiser concert, The People's Foundation Christmas Concert & Homeless Benefit, will feature local musicians and performers, including many who play in shows at the PAC. 

The show will be under the musical direction of Domingo Gonzalez, and feature Christmas carols, oldies, and rock-n-roll classics. 

Tickets range from $29-$35 and can be purchased here. 

Find out more about the People's Foundation here.

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