A founding member of legendary Seattle grunge rock band Nirvana is coming to the Numerica Performing Arts Center in Wenatchee. 

Krist Novoselic’s Bonafide Band will play at the PAC next Friday, July 12th. 

PAC Director of Marketing Alex Haley says the concert will support Novoselic's new Cascade Party of Washington, which Haley describes as a centrist political party. 

"That's why they call it Cascade," said Haley. "They're trying to create something in between the two parties and, kind of, merge the east and west sides of the state," said Haley. "That's what I've gathered from it is that its, kind of, aimed to be a centrist party." 

The concert itself will be purely musical with information about the Cascade Party of Washington available at the show. 

Haley says the show will be a bargain, with tickets only costing $20. 

“I think they’re not looking to make a buck here,” Haley said. “They’re just trying to pay for their expenses and get as many people there as they can, so $20 is about as cheap as you can get to see someone of his legend.” 

Main Floor General Admission tickets will allow for standing room attendance while the PAC Balcony will be for reserved seating, with all tickets costing $20. 

Novoselic’s Bonafide Band is playing 11 shows across the state this month.  

The Cascade Party of Washington platform focuses on family farming and agriculture, judicial reform, open government, environmental conservation and a transparent healthcare market. 

Novoselic has long been involved in politics, having participated in Washington State Grange, which centers on farmers rights.  

He also chaired the Forward Party’s Washington chapter in 2023 and served on the FairVote campaign’s board, which favors ranked voting ballots. 

The members of the Bonafide Band Include Novoselic’s longtime friend and collaborator Mark Pickerel (Screaming Trees, Truly, Brandi Carlile), Kathy Moore (Brad, Star Anna), and the vocalists Jillian Weiss and Jennifer Johnson. 

This year marks to 30th anniversay of the creation of Nirvana in 1994.

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