The fire danger rating for the Chelan County Mountain Zone is now elevated to Very High. 

The rating was elevated from High to Very High Friday, with county commissioners signing off on the move Monday. 

Restrictions have also been elevated from Stage 1 to Stage 2 in the Mountain Zone 

The Mountain Zone is managed by three fire districts based in Leavenworth - District 3, Lake Wenatchee – District 9 (Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue) and Stehekin - District 10. 

The Mountain Zone is in the higher elevation mostly western portion of the county. 

Under Stage 2 restrictions: 

  • Educational signs are placed on designated county roadways to alert the public to the fire hazard conditions. 
  • No target shooting is allowed outside of a gun range. Hunting is allowed in open areas. 
  • Residential campfires are not allowed. 
  • The use of commercial barbecues and camp stoves is allowed. The use of charcoal briquettes is only allowed in a commercially made barbecue. 

The State 2 restriction are in addition to what is already in place for Stage 1 restrictions. 

Stage 1 restrictions are as follows: 

Restricted open-flame devices. An open-flame device can be anything that has a flame that is capable of igniting other materials. Approved open-flame devices are: 

  • Pressurized gas camp stoves, catalytic heaters and white gas camp stoves and lanterns 
  • Commercially made and labeled barbeque devices 
  • Stove or fireplace fires completely contained within a home or residence 
  • Propane or pressurized white gas warming devices with a shield and base 
  • An enclosed solid fuel fire that utilizes a wick to distribute the flame 
  • Listed gas campfire devices 
  • Commercial operators can obtain a permit from the county fire marshal or permission from the appropriate fire protection agency for non-labeled devices 
  • Residential campfires continue to be allowed in a designated campfire area, including a portable fire pit. 

  Fires are allowed in commercial barbecues and camp stoves. 



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