State lawmakers are wrapping up their first week in this year's legislative session and 12th District Republican House member Keith Goehner is concerned about some laws set to be changed.

The Democratic majority is planning to make clarifications to police accountability laws that were criticized for being to restrictive by police agencies and Republicans.

Goehner thinks it'll be difficult to find agreement on worthwhile changes to the laws in this year's short 60-day session.

"I'm hopeful that whatever they come up with is good for the public, but at this point I'm a little concerned about the time frame," said Goehner. "And of course anything in the House has to go to the Senate, and just that whole negotiation is very time consuming."

Goehner is more hopeful about making proper changers to a long-term care program that both parties think is flawed.

"That would be something that at least we could consider that's better than instituting a program that is underfunded, will underperform, and just makes people feel like they have something when they really don't."

Governor Inslee and Democrats agreed to an 18-month delay in the long-term care program while lawmakers make fixes to it.

The law known as WA Cares imposes a 0.58% payroll tax on most workers to pay for services such as assisted living or nursing care.

Goehner is working remotely as all state lawmakers are because of the spike in COVID-19, but plans to go to Olympia, as there'll be a reassessment next week on how many people can be in the capitol.