Grant County Sheriff's Department K9 Chewbacca bagged another domestic violence suspect Saturday afternoon.

Public Information Officer Kyle Foreman said 'Chewy' and his handler Corporal Nic Overland were part of a larger response to an incident at a home on North Paxson Drive in Moses Lake.

Law enforcement, including the Moses Lake Police Department, allegedly asked the unnamed suspect multiple times to come out before forcing entry into the home. Foreman claimed officers and deputies had probable cause through "extenuating circumstances."

Chewy reportedly subdued the suspect, who was hiding in the bath tub, and he was taken into custody.

"If you or somebody you know is experiencing domestic violence there's help available. In Grant and Adams counties you can call New Hope." Foreman said, "You can also reach out to law enforcement to connect you to those services."

You can reach New Hope at 888-560-6027.

The suspect was treated for injuries received from his encounter with Chewbacca before he was booked into the Grant County Jail on 2nd Degree Assault - Domestic Violence.

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