Local law enforcement agencies are reminding the public to be on the lookout for ditch riders when driving on county roads this spring.

Ditch riders work to maintain irrigation canals that bring water to farms in agricultural areas.

Grant County Sheriff Joe Kriete says part of their work involves processes that can potentially limit the visibility of motorists.

"We have a little bit of wind that pops up every now and again, so when smoke comes out of the canals from the burning they (ditch riders) do we all need to be cautious when we go through those areas."

Kriete adds that drivers should also be vigilant for ditch riders and other workers who are near the roadway.

"Sometimes they're outside of their vehicles and are near or walking alongside the road, so I would just ask everybody when they come across areas where those guys are working and they see them and that smoke, please slow down. Reduce your speeds and give those men and women plenty of room and an opportunity to do their jobs safely."

Work to open the region's irrigation canals peaks in April and May and is typically less active during the summer months.

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