Grant County Sheriff's deputies recovered two stolen trucks and a side-by-side late Saturday night, although the suspects were able to get away.

Both the sheriff's office and a victim blamed the incident's outcome on House Bill 1054, which restricts law enforcement's response and use of force in certain situations.

According to a Facebook post by one of the victims, the thieves snuck onto their property using a neighbor's side-by-side that they had stolen. The victim then called the authorities, which gave deputies probable cause to arrest the suspects.

Grant County Sheriff's PIO Kyle Foreman said, "However, the pursuit of the suspects was limited and didn't occur because the suspects who stole the pickups did not commit a serious violent felony."

In fact, as deputies were breaking off the pursuit, one suspect allegedly flipped off the deputy behind him.

All three vehicles were recovered, as well as some miscellaneous tools. One pickup had been damaged after it was driven through a ditch dividing Frontage Road from I-90.

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