The Wenatchee area is now primed for wildfires, and there are Fire Weather Advisories starting Sunday afternoon.

The National Weather Service says the grassy areas have dried out and turned brown, and there are critically low levels of moisture in sage brush.

Meteorologist Steve Bodnar says those conditions along with high winds are bringing two separate fire advisories.

"It's going to start to come in late Sunday," Bodnar. "So, that's why there's that double headed watch. The winds start to pick up right there around Wenatchee late afternoon and evening. They'll remain kind of breezy overnight. And then they're just going to continue to strengthen as we go through the day Monday."

Bodnar says Monday will bring the greatest danger for wildfires.

"We haven't had a really strong wind event," Bodnar said. "And so Monday is going to be one of those classic, kind of, all day wind events. So, fingers crossed that we don't get any new accidental ignitions because we're not expecting any lightning, especially in the Wenatchee area."

A dry cold front will sweep through on Monday delivering strong winds across the area. New and existing fires will have the potential to spread rapidly.

The are two separate Fire Weather Advisories, one for Sunday afternoon and evening, and the other for all-day Monday.

Sunday's advisory takes place from from 2pm until 4am Monday morning. Then, another advisory will be in place from 9am-11pm Monday.

In addition, there's a heat advisory in place from 11am Saturday until 9pm Sunday.
Highs both days will range from 99-102 degrees.

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