A Chelan County road frequented by recreationists is closing early for the season.

Horselake Road typically shuts down for the winter on December 1, but is closed as of Wednesday because of muddy and sometimes slippery conditions from recent rains.

The primitive dirt road that leads to the popular Horse Lake Trails was shut down two weeks early by Chelan County commissioners.

It normally closes to preserve the roadway's condition and to provide open space for wintering mule deer.

During the winter, repeatedly freezing and thawing conditions can damage county roads that are unpaved.

Oklahoma Gulch Road near Entiat, and Mountain Home Road in Leavenworth usually close the same time as Horselake Road for the winter months on December 1. All three roads normally reopen on April 1.

Horselake Road has also been known to close at times in the summer.

The was closed by county commissioners on August 10 of 2021 because of extreme hot and dry conditions and a concern over wildfires.

It was closed at that time by request of the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, which manages Horse Lake Trails.

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